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Jeremy Roll - Vetting Sponsors

Jeremy Roll

Professional passive investor teaches you about vetting real estate deal sponsors

Glenn Gonzales Obsidian Capital

Glenn Gonzales

Glenn is the Maintenance Man who became a millionaire through real estate. Learn how he did it.

Kathy Fettke Podcast

Kathy Fettke

How successful real estate investors deal with uncertainty in the market

Neal Bawa Podcast Data and Value

Neal Bawa

How successful real estate investors deal with market uncertainty. What the future holds for multifamily.

Russell Gray the future of money

Russell Gray

The future of money and what Federal Reserve actions mean for Main Street.

Robert Farrington The College Investor

Robert Farrington

Why College Debt shouldn't stop you from investing, from The College Investor Robert Farrington

Richard Wilson how the ultra wealthy invest

Richard Wilson

How the ultra wealthy allocate their wealth from the expert in Family Offices

Jesse Mecham YNAB Podcast (1)

Jesse Mecham

Why You Need a Budget (YNAB) with the founder of YNAB and FIRE Expert Jesse Mecham

Real Estate Investing without Late Night Phone Calls

Financial Independence is out there waiting for you. You can join the thousands (maybe even millions!) of others who have retired early by investing in real estate.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in passive real estate investing.

We bring you diverse view points and strategies so you can build your skills, learn which real estate investing strategies are right for you, connect with experts, and chase down your financial goals.

Why Real Estate?

Cash Flow

Tenants pay rent, which pays for all of the expenses and produces cash flow. Cash flow is goal number one for our investment properties.


Over the long term, properties located in growing markets tend to appreciate. When our investment properties appreciate, it’s icing on the cake!


Also known as “Good Debt,” leverage on investment real estate can be non-recourse, have a low interest rate, and should be paid in full through rental income.

8 Ways Self Storage Syndications Make Money

Self Storage has become an increasingly popular asset class in recent years as investors have sought passive income opportunities with strong risk-adjusted returns. Syndications are a common way for passive investors to get into self storage deals without actively doing the work themselves. Syndication allows passive investors leverage the experience of experienced sponsors, who find, operate, and ultimately sell properties

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8 Steps to Find a Great Market for Real Estate Investing

8 Steps to Find a Great Market for Real Estate Investing

You’re probably here because you’ve concluded that your local real estate market isn’t great for investors… right? Great! I love remote real estate investing. In fact, all of my investments have been from a distance. You can do it too! In this article I’ll go through a few of the key criteria we look for when looking for new markets

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Are Flips a Good Way to Build Passive Income with Real Estate

Are Flips a Good Way to Build Passive Income with Real Estate?

Are Flips a Good Way to Build Passive Income with Real Estate? There’s a lot of hype around flipping these days. Reality TV shows make it look easy, and everyone seems to be doing it. But is flipping really a good way to invest in real estate? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the realities of

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The Risks in Real Estate Syndication Investing​

The Risks in Real Estate Syndication Investing: Value Add Multifamily

The Risks in Real Estate Syndication Investing When you invest in a real estate syndication, you are investing in a project that is being sponsored by a party known as the “sponsor.” The sponsor is typically responsible for finding and acquiring the property, assembling the team to manage it, and raising the money to fund the deal. They also take

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Bitcoin vs Real Estate, Which is better for building wealth?

Bitcoin vs Real Estate, Which is better for building wealth? If you’re looking for a way to build wealth, like many other investors these days you may run into this interesting comparison: Bitcoin vs Real estate. Digging into this question requires an examination of these two assets’ contrasting features, benefits, and downsides. We will consider the various features of real

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10 Red Flags in Real Estate Syndication Investing

10 Red Flags in Real Estate Syndication Investing

Real estate syndication investing is a great way to get started in the world of commercial real estate. Real estate syndication enables passive investors to participate directly in the commercial real estate market without having to operate their investment properties on their own. It’s important for passive syndication investors to be aware of the red flags and risks involved that

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