Foundation Repair Insights for Real Estate Investors with Bob Brown

What are the biggest risks when dealing with foundation issues, and how can real estate investors avoid expensive problems?

In episode 712, host Taylor Loht sits down with Bob Brown, a foundation repair expert who built a successful foundation repair business and invested in residential and commercial properties along the way. Bob shares how investors can arm themselves with knowledge when dealing with potential foundation issues and foundation contractors. He emphasizes the importance of seeking the advice and guidance of an independent, forensic engineer before approaching contractors. Bob also discusses the various technologies and solutions used in foundation repair, including foam, helical piers, and compaction grouting. Throughout the interview, Bob explains the importance of making informed decisions based on expert advice rather than relying on the opinions of foundation repair salespeople.

[00:00 – 03:51] Understanding the Foundation Repair Industry

  • Bob Brown’s background in foundation repair and property investment.
  • The role of foundation health in real estate investment.
  • Misconceptions about foundation repair and the importance of expert assessment.

[03:52 – 10:43] Diagnosing Foundation Problems Correctly

  • The necessity of having a civil engineer diagnose foundation issues.
  • Challenges in finding unbiased assessments from contractors.
  • The difference between engineers and sales-driven contractors in foundation evaluation.

[10:44 – 13:00] Economic Viability of Foundation Repairs

  • Cost considerations in repairing vs. demolishing structures with foundation issues.
  • Bob’s experience with large-scale foundation repairs and their economic implications.
  • Identifying how bad the foundation damage is and how easy it is to fix.

[13:01 – 22:58] Advanced Foundation Repair Technologies

  • Evolution of foundation repair technologies and their application.
  • The benefits and limitations of using foam for leveling slabs.
  • Comprehensive solutions for underpinning and soil stabilization.

[22:59 – 26:38] Questions Round

  • Book: Foundational Repair Secrets by Bob Brown. 
  • Recommendations: Cosmos by Carl Sagan.
  • The importance of eating, sleeping and exercising well. 


“If you’re doing those things and you’re not an engineer, you’re practicing engineering without a license.” – Bob Brown

“Exercise, get the right amount of sleep, and eat right.” – Bob Brown

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About our Guest

Bob Brown

RK Bob Brown is an author, speaker, patented innovator, and the foremost authority on foundation repair diagnosis. As an insider with more than 35-years-experience, he brings transparency, accountability, and engineering efficacy to an otherwise opaque industry. His forthcoming book, Foundation Repair Secrets (Advantage Books) reveals little-known solutions to save time and money by avoiding costly repairs (or worse, the wrong repairs).

He holds a Bachelor of Design Science from ASU’s School of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science from ASU’s School of Business specializing in Real Estate and Finance. He founded Arizona Foundation Solutions in 1989 and built one of the only foundation repair companies to utilize licensed professional engineers on the front end to analyze initial conditions, make recommendations, and specify repairs before presenting proposals. Bob sold his business in 2022 to focus on writing and speaking. He currently holds four patents and has three pending. He also developed a cloud-based software solution to streamline and assist engineers and contractors in home foundation investigations.

He has been designated a certified Foundation Repair Specialist by the National Foundation Repair Association, is LEED Accredited by the National Green Building Council, is an EPA-approved Radon Measurement and Mitigation Specialist, is Level 1 Post Tensioning Institute certified, and is an ADRE CEU Provider, among other accreditations.

With the perfect blend of engineering savvy and construction practicality, he shows real estate agents and brokers, insurance and mortgage underwriters, home inspectors, and foundation repair engineers what they need to know to find the right solutions. He demystifies concepts to help anyone easily understand soil behaviors, structural mechanics, foundation performance evaluation, objective severity performance standards, data-based recommendations, and existing repair evaluations. In short, Bob Brown knows dirt—which is why people call him the Dirt Whisperer.

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About the Host

Taylor on stage

Hi, I’m Taylor. To date I’ve acquired or partnered on over $250 Million in Commercial Real Estate Investments. I help busy professionals invest in multifamily and self storage real estate through my company NT Capital

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Extremely useful podcast
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Simple & effective information!
Simple & effective information!
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Awesome Podcast!!!
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Great podcast!
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