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Investment Properties & Platforms

Are you an accredited or sophisticated investor looking for syndicated real estate investments? RealtyMogul may be able to help.

RealtyMogul is an innovative platform that provides access to private real estate offerings. They have funded over $3.1 Billion in real estate deals through syndications and REITs. They can even help you with a 1031 Exchange!

Open your RealtyMogul account for free today.

Roofstock is an online platform that provides single family investment properties across the US, in a variety of markets. Their goal is to make real estate investing accessible, cost effective, and simple for investors. 

Becoming the Bank - Investing in Debt

Typically when you invest in real estate, you go to a bank and get a mortgage loan, right? Did you know YOU can “Become the bank” and lend money to other real estate investors at much higher rates than your savings pays? You don’t literally become a bank, of course, but these platforms can help you get into the debt and lending side of real estate investing.

The Groundfloor platform enables investors to invest in real estate debt or borrow funds to purchase investment properties. It’s easy to get started with Groundfloor and invest as little as $10!

Tech Tools to Grow, Monitor, and Protect your Wealth

Credit Karma provides a free service that will track your credit and notify you of any changes.

Credit Karma monitors the dark web for your information, in case you’re caught up in the next major data breach. They also fully disclose how their business model works, which is a respectable degree of transparency.

It’s free to set up and the service provides a tremendous amount of value to protect yourself!

Other Alternative Assets

Vaulted offers a smooth process for buying and securing gold investments.

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